Beyond Physical Modeling

“Plasmonic sounds like nothing you’ve heard before” – Marty Cutler, Synth and Software

Plasmonic captures the complex acoustic resonances of Physical Modeling, expands on it with more familiar elements of Subtractive Synthesis, and adds a few unique twists.

From plucked strings with an acoustic presence, to vast imaginary soundscapes, to gnarly leads and complex rhythmic textures, Plasmonic  will go wherever your imagination takes it.

Windows: VST3, Standalone

macOS: AU, VST3, Standalone

Exceptional Factory Presets

“I rarely write letters to developers, but I have to say: Plasmonic is the greatest-sounding synth I own (and I own EVERYTHING).”  -Stewart Winter

Plasmonic’s included sounds cover a very wide palette and are designed for maximum playability. 

All factory presets use all 8 macro controllers to provide easy tweaking and expression; every preset is like an instrument of its own.

“The Macros work so well with my Panorama T6 controls. I spent so much time working with the first new preset, it’s going to take me years to enjoy them all!” – Chris ‘resequencer’ Steller – Synthesist /Product Specialist / Trainer

Designed for MPE

“The most MPE-friendly of my synths, and that includes the Roli ones.” – David Heal

It’s easy to configure Plasmonic to work with your MPE controller! And all of Plasmonic’s factory presets are MPE-ready.

MPE Slide and Pressure are an integral part of the modulation framework, and they can control almost any parameter for unlimited expressive control.

“I’ve just spent a whole night playing presets in MPE mode with my Linnstrument and being astounded by the wondrous sound(scape)s of what has rapidly become, by far, my favourite virtual instrument. As dawn approaches, my drooping head says “get some sleep” … but all I want to do is go on Plasmonically experimenting!” – Rob Stuart

Deep Modulation​

“Your Modulation page makes programming complex sounds a true pleasure, not to mention fast and furious. “  -Eric Young

Plasmonic makes it easy to modulate almost any parameter with any combination of a wide array of very flexible modulators.

The Modulation Assignments Panel is always one click away, and provides precise control over the way each parameter is modulated.

Plasmonic’s modulation potential opens new horizons for responsive, expressive sounds with an unprecedented level of sonic detail.

Unique Effects

“If I were a millionaire and commissioned someone to make a custom synth for me it would have turned out just like this.  I know I am gushing- but this thing is so wonderful. “  – Christopher Gould

Plasmonic’s effects have as much creative potential as the rest of the instrument. 

Self-oscillating delay effects range from transparent spaces to chaotic noise-scapes. The unique Sympathetic effect adds harmonic resonances that respond dynamically to audio input.

All effect parameters are integrated in the modulation framework, making the effects section an integral and expressive part of the sound.


Factory Presets

  • 300 MPE-compatible presets (the demo version has 80)


  • MTS-ESP support
  • Import of scl and tun files

Four Audio Sources

  • 2 wavetable oscillators with dynamic wave transformations
  • A special impulse generator for making the resonator ring
  • A noise generator with its own resonant lowpass filter

Two Interacting Filters

  • A self-oscillating resonator provides organic resonance
  • A multimode self-oscillating ladder filter: LP, HP, BP, 1, 2 and 4 pole, formants filter and LP+HP in parallel and series
  • Each filter can take any combination of audio sources
  • Can be configured in series or parallel

Modulation and Expression

  • MPE Support, nearly all parameters can be MPE controlled, and all factory presets are fully MPE playable
  • Deep and precise Modulation system, nearly all parameters can be controlled by any combintaion of modulators
  • Multiple ADSRs and LFOs with unique features
  • 8 configurable MIDI Macros
  • 3 Pulse modules for triggering modules to create complex rhythmic effects

Unique Delay Effects

  • Most delay effects are capable of self-oscillation
  • Complex modulation effects
  • Sympathetic mode resonates dynamically according to a harmonic grid
  • Polyphonic Saturation
  • 3-band Parametric EQ

Intuitive Graphic Interface

  • Resizable single-panel interface, everything is no more than a click away
  • Easy-to-use, setting up complex modulation is fun and intuitive
  • Controls are precise, providing coarse and fine with adjustment with one hand

System Requirements

  • Windows (64-bit only): 8 and higher. 
  • macOS10.12 (Sierra) to 14 (Sonoma). Native Apple Silicon support.
  • GarageBand is not supported.


  • macOS: Standalone, Audio Unit, VST3
  • Windows: Standalone, VST3

Attention VST Users! Plasmonic is only available in VST3 and AU formats, so please make sure your DAW supports VST3. This is because Steinberg is no longer licensing VST2 to new developers.


With one license you can install Plasmonic on up to 3 machines, using only one machine at a time.

Plasmonic requires internet access during activation, once activation is successful it no longer needs internet access. There is no support for offline activation.

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