$119/€119 pre-order now for only $79/€79

Windows: VST3, AAX

macOS: AU, VST3, AAX

What you get when pre-ordering

Your email receipt will contain a license key for Synestia. It also provides a link to download a pdf file containing information on how to access the current beta of Synestia. 

Synestia is still in development, here’s what’s currently missing or incomplete:

  • Automation is currently limited to the Macros, In, Wet, Dry and Low Cut frequency. 
  • The Preset Browser is temporary. There will be a nicer browser with tags and such before release.
  • The Sidebands module isn’t ready
  • I consider Formants and Distortion to be unfinished, but they are safe to use.
  • There will be more Factory Presets
  • AAX plugin is not available yet.
  • The manual is a rough draft

Expected Release Date

We expect Synestia 1.0 to be available by the end of summer 2024.

Beta access for pre-order customers

A stable beta of Synestia now is available to pre-order customers. Some features won’t be immediately available, notably AAX support, and the Sidebands module. Available features in the beta will be well-tested and stable, and Synestia is already a very powerful plugin. 


  • macOS: Audio Unit, VST3, AAX
  • Windows (64-bit only): VST3, AAX

Attention VST Users! Synestia is not available in the old VST2 format, so please make sure your DAW supports VST3. This is because Steinberg is no longer licensing VST2 to new developers.


With one license you can install Synestia on up to 3 machines.

Synestia requires internet access during activation, once activation is successful it no longer needs internet access. There is no support for offline activation.