Factory Presets

  • 300 MPE compatible presets

System Requirements

  • Windows: 8 through 10. We are currently assessing Windows 11 compatibility.
  • macOS: 10.11 (El Capitan) and higher. Native Apple Silicon support.


  • macOS: Standalone, Audio Unit, VST3
  • Windows: Standalone, VST3

Attention VST Users! Plasmonic is only available in VST3 format, so please make sure your DAW supports VST3. This is because Steinberg is no longer licensing VST2 to new developers.


With one license you can install Plasmonic on up to 3 machines, using only one machine at a time.

Plasmonic requires internet access during activation, once activation is successful it no longer needs internet access. There is no support for offline activation.

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