Synestia is an advanced multi-effect plugin for the utmost in creative sound processing. It combines 8 inspiring effects: physical-modeled resonators, filters, modulated delays, distortion and more. 

Modulation lies at the heart of Synestia, generating complex rhythmic patterns and evolving atmospheric soundscapes. All parameters can be controlled by any combination of a wide range of dynamic modulators. 

Synestia’s Sympathetic resonators can be played by MIDI control, with MPE and microtuning support. And all modulators can be triggered by MIDI notes, opening all kinds of possibilities for rhythmic effect control.

A flexible and unique approach to patching opens unexpected possibilities, and brings signal routing under the control of dynamic modulation.

Platforms and Formats:  

macOS: Audio Unit v2, VST3, AAX 

Windows: VST3, AAX

Availability: We expect to release Synestia in summer 2024. A stable beta is currently available for customers who pre-order.

Pricing: $119/€119, but preorder now for only $79/€79


Synestia has 8 different effect types. Many of Synestia’s effects are derived from Plasmonic, but they have all been improved and enhanced to expand their sonic character and capabilities.


An array of physically modeled resonators. Sympathetic responds to the audio it’s fed with shimmering harmonic textures. And you can even play Sympathetic via MIDI, including MPE controllers!

Dual Ladder

A pair of self-oscillating ladder filters, combine them to create dynamic new filter shapes.


A pair of delays with lots of character, from 0.1ms to 10 seconds in length. Multiple filter types in the feedback path, saturation, predelay, and of course all parameters can be modulated.

Diffuse Delay

A network of modulated delays, covering a huge range of sounds, from shifting metallic resonances to vast spaces.


Deep modulated delay effects. This module covers a very wide palette of flanger and chorus tonalities.


Saturation and Wavefolding mayhem. From subtle warming to chaotic madness when the feedback knob is turned up!


Rich and complex filter resonances. Formants can add a lot of tonal character to a patch.


Multi-voice Frequency Shifting, ring modulation and AM. Under construction!

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All parameters in Synestia can be modulated by any combination of modulators. Modulators can be triggered rhythmically, freely looped, or triggered by MIDI and audio input. Polarity, depth, inversion are all adjustable per-parameter, making modulation control very precise.

Multi-Segment Envelopes

3 multi-segment envelope generators with 128 segments, with precise editing of breakpoint parameters. More than a taste of Absynth!

Envelope Follower-Trigger

Follows the dynamic contour of the input signal and triggers other modulators. It makes Synestia respond expressively to musical input! I’ve often found envelope followers to be pretty fidgety to adjust, but the interface makes this one easy to tune to your sound.

Macro Controls

8 Macros control groups of parameters, making it easy to dynamically modify any preset. All factory presets will have extensive macro assignments.


3 LFOs with Sample and Hold and a unique chaos control to break up any cyclic monotony.


3 very fast and precise ADSRs. Each segment can be modulated so the shape is dynamic. Despite the presence of multi-segment envelopes, ADSRs are still very useful!

Random Generators

3 random generators. Very handy for obscuring predictability!

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Audio Demos


We expect to release Synestia 1.0 by the end of summer 2024. A few features remain to be implemented, but Synestia is solid and already quite capable of fantastic things! 

A stable beta is currently available to customers who have preordered. Synestia is already very capable, so you can begin sonic explorations with our latest creation today. 

What does "Synestia" mean?

A Synestia is a hypothetical astronomical object. When two planets collide, the resulting mass of vaporized rock could form a vortex. This would ultimately settle down as a new and different planet and possibly a moon. Seems like an appropriate name for a massive sound-mangling plugin!