Quick Help

Problems purchasing:

If you have problems when buying, please contact our seller FastSpring here: https://fastspring.com/question-a-charge/

If for some reason FastSpring can’t help please send an email to: support@rhizomatic.fr

Serial numbers and download links:

Get serial numbers (activation keys) and download links for purchased products: https://rhizomatic.onfastspring.com/account

Indiegogo backers, please contact support@rhizomatic.fr

Other problems and bugs:

Please contact support@rhizomatic.fr. Please be sure to include the following information: Operating system (macOS or Windows), operating system version, DAW used, version number of Plasmonic.

General inquiries:

For other questions, suggestions, etc, please contact us at info@rhizomatic.fr

We speak English and French 

Nous parlons français et anglais