Quick Help

Problems purchasing:

If you have problems when buying from our site, please contact our seller FastSpring here: https://fastspring.com/question-a-charge/

If for some reason FastSpring can’t help please send an email to: support@rhizomatic.fr

Serial numbers and download links:

Customers can download the full version installer here. You will need to enter your license key/serial number to access the downloads page.

To check for updates of Plasmonic, in the Options menu (next to the logo), do Check for Updates. If an update is available click Download Update to access the downloads page.

The serial number is provided in the email you received on purchase. Also if you’ve already installed Plasmonic, the serial number should be displayed in Plasmonic’s About box (click the logo). 

If you purchased Plasmonic from this site, you can get your serial number (license key) from our reseller FastSpring: https://rhizomatic.onfastspring.com/account

If you purchased Plasmonic from LootAudio, you can access your serial number on your LootAudio account: https://www.lootaudio.com/account/

Indiegogo backers, please contact support@rhizomatic.fr

Other problems and bugs:

Please contact support@rhizomatic.fr. Please be sure to include the following information: Operating system (macOS or Windows), operating system version, DAW used, version number of Plasmonic.

General inquiries:

For other questions, suggestions, etc, please contact us at info@rhizomatic.fr

We speak English and French 

Nous parlons français et anglais